Do you think you know how to write an email especially the business one?

Whether your answer is yes or no, you can’t escape reading this write up. If you know how to write an attractive email, then crosscheck it with the points mentioned here. If your answer is no, then certainly there is no way out other than to learn how to write an email to upvote the quote.

Strictly speaking, there are some etiquettes which you need to adhere to while writing a formal email. The most important thing which we forget in the flow of writing is to keep the email equipped with the binding force. This way your reader sticks to the mail and reacts to it.

Let us brief you some indispensable points that you need to mull over before writing a business email.

Write an attractive Subject Line

With umpteen mails bombarding the inbox, it becomes difficult to separate the chaff. In such a scenario the only Saviour is the subject line of the email that propels the reader to scan the mail. Remember, it is the first thing that your recipient sees. On the basis of it, he or she plans to open your mail.

The main purpose of the subject line is to create curiosity in the mind of the recipient. The curiosity to unveil the concealed matter of the mail. Avoid using the terms like “document” or “review”, as it appears boring to the reader. Use the keywords of your content to create a question in the mind of the recipient, rather than the answer. Furthermore, do not write the subject line in all caps, as it is difficult to read. Instead, go for title case.

Never ignore the importance of Greetings

If you are still scratching your head thinking how to write an attractive email, then there is a good news for you. Yes, you have now passed the first hurdle and your email has been clicked by the reader. Well, here comes the role of another important player “Greetings”.

As aforementioned you can’t ignore it, as it is the way with which the reader enters into your email. Some write “Dear X” while some prefer writing Hi X or Hello X. Most of you do not understand the difference between all of these salutations and this is where you commit the mistake. If the email is strictly formal and serious, then you must go with “Dear X”. The name of the recipient if unknown, you may use “Dear Concern”.

Sometimes you do not want to be too formal. In such cases you must go with Hi or Hello as both are equally acceptable.

Opening Sentence needs to be Informative

Have you read a news story in a newspaper. If yes, then you could see that the lead or the first paragraph of the story answers the 5 W and 1 H (Who, What, Why, When, Where and How). Yes, it is not a report writing, but you need to be to the point. Avoid beating around the bush as this is not an essay competition.

Body of the Email

If you have dragged your recipient to the body of the email, then certainly you have secured 50% marks. Now is the turn to bring A plus and you can do this only if you have command over language.

Language is a reflection of your personality and the simpler it is, the better is its effect. Hence, whenever you write a mail keeping this point in mind, it definitely creates an impact on your reader. Now coming to “content is the king”. Whether it is king or queen nothing changes the fact that the informative and useful content is always embraced by any reader.

Go for an Effective Communication

In SMCR(Sender-Message-Channel-Receiver) model of David Berlo, the interpretation of the message depends on the background knowledge of the Recipient. You might not be a student of “communication”, but you can’t ignore this point. This is the thing which determines whether you have an effective communication or not. That is why, make sure you are aware of the bare knowledge level of the recipient.

Bidding Adieu

When wrapping up and saying Goodbye to the recipient, you must remember these three important points:

  • Use Polite Words such as “Please” and “Thank You”
  • After writing “Regards” do not miss to provide your contact details
  • Stay ahead with a signature comprising all of your details

So, what do you think have you got the answer to all the questions like how to write an email or how to write an attractive email or how to write an email to upvote the quote?